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About Us

Our vision is for a globe with good psychological health and wellness for all. With avoidance at the heart of what we do, we aim to locate and resolve the resources of psychological health issue to make sure that individuals and communities can flourish.

We will certainly drive modification in the direction of an emotionally healthy and balanced culture for all, as well as support communities, households as well as individuals to live psychologically much healthier lives, with a particular concentrate on those at greatest threat.

Our strategy
We take a public psychological health strategy to prevention, locating solutions for people, those at risk as well as for society, in order to improve every person’s mental well-being.

The practical points we do
Community and peer programs; we test and also assess the very best methods to boosting psychological health and wellness in communities and after that roll them out as extensively as possible.

Research study; we release researches and reports on what shields mental wellness and also the root causes of bad mental health and wellness and also how to tackle them.

Public interaction; we provide advice to numerous individuals on mental health and wellness. We are most popular for running Mental Health and wellness Understanding Week throughout the UK each year.

Campaigning for; we propose remedies as well as campaign for modification to deal with the underlying reasons for bad psychological health.